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Alice In Wonderland Wedding Cake Ideas

This wedding cake designs and shapes in really unique and unusual as the theme. To put the sense of Alice in Wonderland it could created by topsy-turvy shape. The color is more colorful. The fondant details can be added in the characters such Mad Hatter, Queen Heart, Chesire Cats, etc and they also can putted as the topper. Most of all it is made in a tier, but a cup cake wedding cake could be made in this them. For example, the cup cake should be in colorful and unique decoration, then use tier to set them and the last the topper can made in a shape of the characters such as teapot, tea cup, dead clock, etc.

Fabulous Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake

Elegant Queen Heart Crown Wedding Cake

Glamour Top Hat Topper Roses Wedding Cake

Whimsical Teapot Wedding Cake

Whimsical Tea Cup Cake

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